not looking forward to all the hypocrites coming out of the woodworks for episode 18 who claim to hate elena but really just hate elena isn’t dating stefan

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Hi all how are you hanging in there? Tomorrow then weekend.yay. I am looking forward to that although I have a project to start for uni ugh cries and work is becoming overload.

Anyway I wanted to start a bamon thing like the little bamon things list one that someone made and I stole and made a…

omg yes!! I was thinking about doing it but I need all the help I can get. If you are interested in co-owning, lemme know. The more, the merrier!!



Hi all how are you hanging in there? Tomorrow then weekend.yay. I am looking forward to that although I have a project to start for uni ugh cries and work is becoming overload. 

Anyway I wanted to start a bamon thing like the little bamon things list one that someone made and I stole and made a set of evil cackle. Nah I gave credit. I wanted the theme to be something along the line of things that happened during season 4. Things that makes you wonder what these stupid writers are playing at. Like Shane using Damon or Silas or Galen and a whole bunch of other things. Season 5 can also be included, finding out about her death and co. 

Thing is I suck at coming up with a proper description, so if a kind soul could do something like the person who did little bamon things, it will be very much appreciated. 

Okay that’s all thanks.

How about “Quit Playing Games with My Heart, TVD Writers”???

Kendra covered a lot of them in that last feels-inducing post she made about the stuff she wished we could have seen.

1. Shane and Damon’s showdown in 4x07:

Shane: You know, since it’s generally unwise for a vampire to seek out a Hunter, it means you’re interested in the mark. It’s probably because of where it leads, but here’s the thing, even if you complete the mark and you get the map, the thing that you’re looking for is sealed with a spell only a certain kind of witch can perform.

Damon: What kind of witch?

Shane: Come on, Damon.

(Damon grabs Shane by the wrist and squeezes it.)

Damon: I love pressure points. What kind of witch?

Shane: Come on, you’re a big boy, you can figure this one out.

(Damon thinks for a moment.)

Damon: A Bennett witch.

Shane: Aren’t too many of those lying around as I’m sure you know. So, none of this matters until Bonnie’s back in touch with her magic and between the two of us, who do you think she trusts to help her get there?

(Damon releases Shane from his grasp.)

2. Damon’s clear distaste at pushing Jeremy to think of Bonnie as an anchor for his “fuzzy feelings,” in 4x09.

3. When Bonnie confronts Shane in 4x13 about teaching her the kind of magic that killed his wife and if she can trust him, Damon is in the wings with “You didn’t answer the trust part.”

4. When Silas says he’ll stay behind from Jeremy’s search party to make sure Bonnie’s safe, Damon immediately throws in with them (never mind that that left Elena off searching the island with Stefan) so that he could “make sure [Shane] isn’t lying.”

5. Later, when he’s threatening to kill Shane again, Shane uses Bonnie to manipulate him, saying that if he kills him, Bonnie will go off the deep end without his influence.

6. Galen Vaughn kidnaps Damon on the island and in 4x14 tells him that he’s using him as leverage in trying to make Bonnie, Damon’s “witch friend,” do what he wants.

7. Also in 4x14, when Vaughn’s tattoo starts to fade, he tells Damon, “Looks like your witch is casting her spell.”

8. 4x15… do I need to elaborate? lol. Damon was a madman on a mission, he couldn’t even explain why he needed to do it, why he couldn’t trust anyone else to do it, why he couldn’t leave that island without Bonnie. 


10. After returning to Mystic Falls, Damon doesn’t rush into the Gilbert house to comfort Elena. He stays outside and asks Caroline to send his brother out, so that they can discuss his concerns about Bonnie. He requests this of her without any callous remarks about Bonnie’s state, telling the vampire everything she needed to know with a subtle flick of his eyes. When Stefan came outside, he was clearly worried and upset, again not about the vampire-strength grief that Elena was battling, but about Bonnie being brainwashed by Shane, about Bonnie not acting like herself, about Bonnie’s grief driving her to do something desperate like drop the veil to the other side.

11. Despite being on a mission in New York and having some serious babysitting duties related to one humanity-less Elena, Damon immediately offered to drop everything and come back to Mystic Falls when Stefan told him that Bonnie was being manipulated by Silas.

12. In 4x19, when Bonnie realizes she’s in trouble, that Silas is coming to her in Jeremy’s form and messing with her head, she immediately seeks out Damon, telling him that they have a problem.

12. Later in 4x19, when Silas looks into Damon’s mind, his first response after “Your mind is a dark and riveting place, Damon” is  ”The witch is mine. Stay away from her.”

13. Also in the same episode, while the Salvatore brothers are in their basement monitoring Elena as she recovers from her confrontation with Bonnie, Stefan reassures him that Bonnie is strong and can withstand whatever Silas throws at her, but Damon still worries, telling him not to underestimate Silas’ talents.

14. In 4x22, when they realize that Bonnie is performing the spell to drop the veil, Damon doesn’t take the bait when Elena tries to distract him into telling her where to find Katherine by playing on his hatred. “Elena, we don’t need to list all the reasons that I hate Katherine. What we need to do is find Bonnie. Come on.”

15. Later in 4x22, when Silas is threatening Bonnie, Damon’s voice can be heard echoing in the tunnels, calling her name. Silas says that is “sounds familiar.” He then takes on Alaric’s form and tells Bonnie that “maybe Damon will convince [her],” to which she replies, “I won’t let you-” before he cuts her off.

That’s all I got for season 4 off the top of my head, I’m sure there’s more I’ve forgotten. <333

Paul proposing to a fan at TVD Chicago 2014

Paul proposing to a fan at TVD Chicago 2014

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