you were only waiting for this moment to be free / blackbird, fly
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No one enjoys Bonnie setting Damon on fire as much as the Bamon fandom tbh

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I feel for Steroline fans, they were trolled like real hard and Kendra is probably going to cut that bitch sooner or later for that lies she told about the con. I will be sitting here with my popcorn when the time comes.

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"Damon and Bonnie, they really are kind of cut from a very similar cloth." —Ian Somerhalder, SDCC 2011 (x)

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So I’m thinking of adding The flash to this blog. Hope you don’t mind. I’m a fan of Grant and a friend runs a Candice news blog so ish.

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Kat Graham Fashion Week 63 UHQ Pics

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Damon || Bonnie  but it’s all just the way that we cope with our lives

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